Sunday, August 22, 2004

My ass hurts

So, I bought a new bike on Saturday.

This was quite the accomplishment for me because my bike riding experience goes back about as far as my freshman year in college (two years ago).

Imagine my surprise when I walk into the bike warehouse in Columbia to discover that the price of an average bike was about $800. There were even bike going for as much as $1,300. What the hell? Who spends that much on a bike...I sure as hell was not going to, but I did purchase a bike. And what a monster of a bike it is.

The saleswoman, who quickly sized me up as a sucker who knew nothing about bikes, held my hand and took me through the whole sizing and testing process of about five different bikes. It was not until she finally realized she was in was over her head and got another sales person to help. There is nothing more wired than having two sales people try to sell you something that you know nothing about.

Between the two of them and their "expert" knowledge of bikes, they determined I was going going to need a bike with an extended frame and 26-inch wheels (Typically, a normal person would ride a bike with wheels between 19 and 22 inches).

My only input the whole time was, "I need a soft seat," and, "I want it too look cool." This was followed by a serious eye-roll from both salespeople.

FLASHBACK - My first bike (when I was a freshman) was something that my mom had found in an apartment that my grandparents own. It was piece of crap. Bright orange, racing handle bars, and the whole serious racing bike look - except it was a rusted bucket of bolts. Oh, did I mention it was also a girl's bike. Yes, the sales guy determined I had previously owned a girl's bike when I pointed to a bike that looked similar to my old one. This was followed by another eye-roll and a slight laugh. Yes, just write sucker on my forehead.

Finally, I selected a bike that looked both cool and comfortable. This thing is a monster. When sitting on my desk, the seat and handle bars are about 7 inches taller than the railing that goes around it. My friend, Cozette, is 5-foot 3-inches, and the seat sits at about her neck. I sit twice as high on my bike than I do in my car.

In the end, though, It is a wonderful bike and it quite fun to ride. I made the mistake of riding it home right out of the store. After weaving in the road and teaching myself how to ride a bike with gears again, I got home and realized how out of shape I really was. Both my leg and ass muscles hurt like hell. Macke, a bike-riding friend of mine, said he go on a bike ride with me. This might take some time. Seeing as I just now upgraded to a men's bike, I think I need some time to get used to that before I hit the trails.

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