Monday, May 02, 2005

Our friends in the media...

Well, I have to hand it to U.S. Rep Kenny Hulshof. He sure knows how to make a guy feel swell.

In what seemed like a campaign stop in Columbia, Hulshof made damn sure that (1) the mostlly conservative crowd in the room knew that the media was present and (2) that we simple-minded media friends did not mistake him when he said things like, "I support the president and love the work he is doing. How dare we even have such a system of taxation! Bully!"

Four different time Hulshof pointed out that he was going to "tell it straight" and who cares if the media is present.

At one point he even looked right at one of the reporters and made the comment "Even though our friends in the media are here, I want to tell you this story..."

As if somehow he was giving us a personal glimps into his life and we, the media, were now privvy to deepest darkest secret.

He also would make references to his friends in the media when he was really going to let the shit fly. At one point he stoped, looked around at each press person (the three that had gathered) and made a little huff as if he was saying "I am teflon! Whatever these media elites have to say about me - screw them. I am talking directly to the people."

Well thanks for that, Kenny. I am glad we can make you feel free to talk about the prepacked talking points.

(These quotes are not exact...go figure...on a blog that follows my stories of drunken nights and concert events)

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