Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Ramblings from a fool...

I was told my blog posts were too long. Too boring. I understand that. They are not meant to entertain you. the New York Times bores me. It does not mean I am forced to read it, but I do. It's good for you. You might learn something


I don't know what is more depressing: editing the obituary pages or editing the wedding pages.


I met a girl this past weekend. She was amamzing - always has been. Found out we share the same interests, likes, dislikes and passion for life. I also found out we share the same dislike for relationships right now. Fuck.


I am listening to some Spice Girls which is turned up way too loud from the room next to mine. What is more troubling is that it follows the song Skater Boy.


Had an interview with the Orlando Sentinel today. The Third in as many years. Here's to hoping the third time is a charm.

I think it is a good thing when he says he was impressed more than once reading my resume and such. Here's to hoping I didn't fuck myself over - like every other time I opened my mouth with a recruiter.


Aaron Brown is doing a story on how he lived through Hurricane Katrina. Still pictures of his "tense" moments waiting for the storm and then him in the storm. He look so frustrated becasue he cannot boradcast...looks like someone is missing out on the TV equivalent of the Pulitzer...Maybe next time god decides to fuck with humanity you will be there with a reliable satalite uplink.


The most amazing piece of journalism from Katrina

The Saturday after Hurricane Katrina drowned my city, I sat alone in a rented Jeep in front of the latest headquarters of the Times-Picayune's "New Orleans bureau" – our fifth in as many days – pounding furiously on a laptop, taking belts of Johnnie Walker Red to beat back tears. I was locked out of the staff's Uptown house, awaiting the return of the tiny team of colleagues that now represented the entirety of the paper's presence in the city we once dominated. On the advice of cops who warned us they couldn't patrol the area – and to forget 911 – we'd arranged for a shotgun and two .357 revolvers that would arrive before nightfall


read, learn, become better from it.


I am getting too far behind in school work.


Love but Hate said...

Nice visit to your blog!

how to catch a cheating husband.

Lacy said...

I did NOT say they were boring. I only said the last one was a tad long and I had to skim. You know that the Jordan Knight blog will always be a classic in my book!

blythe said...

Good luck with Eagles. Try sleeping with him. Works for ...
no one you know.

You'll rock out somewhere. I'm not worried.