Sunday, November 06, 2005

Breaking into your apartment

"Coulter is willing to throw his love all over the place." she said. "While you don't want to throw you love to anyone. What is wrong; you afraid?"
-Amanda, talking about relationships - not sex.

"She said it's hard for me to see how one little boy got so ugly. Yes, my little girly, that might be, but there ain't nobody who can sing like me. Ain't nobody who can sing like me. Way over yonder in the Minor Key"
-Woody Guthrie

Damn it. I tired to explain why these two went together and how it related to my past weekend. But I could not do it without embarassing myself or making my life seem like some kind hole. Also it made refrence to people who probably do not want to find themselves in this fourm being talked about in such as way. Ask me about this, I might tell you.


Mandy said...

Dear Ekey,
You are my favorite.
Miss you lots.
Call me anytime.
love Mandy

Amanda said...

I believe you said the problem with having a girlfriend is that she is still there in the morning. But you can't fool me. I know you really just want someone to cuddle.

Lacy said...

Vaginas are over-rated anyways.