Saturday, December 17, 2005

Fear and Loathing in Finals week: Low self-esteem and a pint of beer.

I was sitting with my attorney in the booth tucked in the corner of another chain bar that fills this terrible mid-Missouri town.

We had been drinking for quite some time already and were now painfully discussing how we found ourselves accepting the handfull of Fs we will endure report card time comes.

We were focused, we thought aloud to eachother. My attorney had coined the phrase no-nonsence November becasue we knew then it was time to get our shit together and find a way to salvage this semester we had drank and pissed away.

Of course, the elustrious No-Nonsence November gave quickly away to Cut Your Losses December. We were not going to make it. We were losing altitude and were going to crash into the mountian of reality we had been circling all year.

I think my problem was I had nothing really to look forward too - at least until classes start again next semester.

No job, no projects, nothing really to be anxious for over the break. It was an odd feeling. Its now everyone elses problem. Every year since freshamn year, I have had a project or something to keep me occupied.

A seasonal job, classes, internship.

THis break; surgery. Not really a project that I can really have any control over. I just show up at 7 a.m. on monday, get druged up and my tonsils yanked out. Apparently I am going to camped up here in the KCMo for several weeks.

It should be interesting. We will see how things go.

1 comment:

Mandy said...

I miss you Ekey.
And I bet you miss your tonsils.
They're in Vegas.
love, Mandy