Saturday, June 10, 2006

Feel the energy

Sitting in the grass of hte Fort Osage football field, I was disapointed at my newspaper.

I had gone to this all-night marathon walk becasue the paper I work for now was a major sponsor. They were advertising nad had signs and information about us all over the palce - but no one from the paper was actually there.

I was there covering the event, people kept asking if I was the only one there to reprsent the only major daily in Easter Jackson County - KC Star is too self-invovled in KC to care about the suburbs.

It was not until roughly 8 p.m. that our another reporter even showed up.

I know we don't do a lot of things right, but it was just sad to think that we could not muster enough people to sit at a fundraiser for cancer research.

I had always believed that hte strength of a newspaper relied on its own community invovlment - its abilty to be a leader and a force - but it was obvious that this was not happenending here tonight.

I was a strong proponetn that to do well in any situation, I needed a good base of energy. A place, person of casue to draw my own abilty to function.

In Columbia, I had my friends, my attorney, my editor, the Maneater, STRIPES, etc. I was afraid that I would not have that anymore - that hte energy had dried up after the death of HST or the day we all graduated from the last chapter.

Despite all of that, as I was sitting midfield watching cancer survivors, their family, friends and supports circle the track, I knew that whatever I wanted accomplish at this paper was going to have to be self derived.

There was no attorney goading me on anymore, no insane boss. Now I was sitIting next to a reporter who is quitting in two weeks and another who does not seem to enjoy his own job.

It's an odd dynamic I find myself in right now. I feel a good energy waitning ot be tapped, but it has nothing to do with the people around me.

I can only imaigne what will happen when I moveo ut of the old compound and into my own bureau of gonzo.

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