Sunday, October 15, 2006


My new bar, Bogarts - where white trash meets lower-middle class - I have gotten into hte nasty habit of tearing up my coasters.

This was such a problem at the ole stomping grounds, The 'Berg, that the girls fianlly quit bringing me coasters. Yes, they recognized me and knew to stop feeding the beast.

You could always tell when we had a new waitress becasue she would bring everyone in my group a coaster and by the nedo fhte pitcher I would have shredded them like it was my job.

Well, the bartenders at Bogarts caught on really quickly when I started folding my coaster and began to tear it down the middle.

"Shit, if you leave that in a little leaf pile next to your tip, I am going ot run you down with my car," The waitress said as I was trying to live through the 45-7 smoack down my Cheifs were enduring. I was in no mood to mess with this woman. She and I had a slight recognition thing going on after only my second time in the bar.

I think it was becasue we went to high school together. She sort of remembers seeing me, I sort of remember he r being pregnant. It was kind of akward to bring up.

"Sorry. Bad habit."

So from now on she vowed to only bring my napkinds as a coaster.

For some reason, I do not tear up napkins. I will crumple them up and bat them around and eventually throw them away. But void are napkins to my shredding and OCD fate I deem on them.

My new habit, I have noticed at bars here, is to write on naptikns. I will write anyhting and everything. a constant note taking and documenting.

The songs that were playing. The people in my eye-sight. The conversations swirling around me.

But at this end of this week I noticed I hads stuffed a few in my coat pockets.

And so I submit them, off spellings and all, here as my story:

1: Even mad men and fools utter lines that history will remember.

2: Big Head Tod
Stevie Nicks
Janis Joplin
Bob Dylan
Led Zepplin

3: FRiday, October 13 @ The Record Bar. Roman Numberals BE THERE.

4: You expect professionalism from amatures.

5: I want to preserve the dignaty of the people who have to encounter a faceless and ambigious legal system.

6: (A picture of what looks like an aneorixic Garfield) (816) 555-8106 (Editors note: the real one turned out to be a fake)

7: (Doodle of what looked like some star ship) - Bamma

As I read back over some of these it makes my life seem kind of interesting. But really, if you heard the stories that i know behind each of these (in no particualr order) then you will realize that I am still that coaster shredding freak you have known all along.


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