Monday, November 20, 2006

I broke into the old apartment.

This is where we used to live.

This is where some of the most bizrre people came together in a two year orgy of booze, drugs and stripers with bo staffs, to sing the priases of a god that never existed.

A god that we preached would dsave us if we could ponly finish that entire tray of jello shots before the end of the night.

We screamed of a religion that wanted to warp every mind that crossed the thresh hold of this building and partook in the madness.

We grabed the wrist of every open mind and threw down, cursed it, brutlaized it and raped it until it knew that rose colored glasses are not how you view the world.

But tonight...tonight, We were locked out.

We had come from jsut about every cardinal direction to once again stoke the fires and throw rocks at the windows of convential wisdom.

But in our absence they had borded up the windos and pad locked the front door, chancged the combination and brought in the welcome mat.

Who were we now, but drunks loose on the streets with no where to go?

Looking across the face and hearing the sotires, none of us were doing well in the real world.

We went out in the world expecting our energy and determniation to keep us going, but sitting at that table looking around we had failed. We had come back to nurse our wounds and tell our stories of how life has given up the raw deal.

Only, it was not raw, it had been cooked to perfection and force fed to us. We were suckers to eat up and sell out.

Oly-oly Oxen Free, The Berg was home base and we were hiding out there for the night.

The Temple was Closed for business. All that are left now are the sleeper cells that infest this country from sea to sea.

Lying on my back in the allyway after falling it was pretty clear. Going back again was not an option - unless I wanted to face the new guard that stood at the city limits with their baseball bats waitning, watching.

Fearing the day that we return. But when we do, we simply fall. Slip on a glossy face of a product being sold to that same crowd that forced us out.

We left willingly hoping the new crowd would keep things the way we left them. But they robbed our graves and cut off all communication - half expecting, it seems, that we would dry up and stay home rubbing ointment on our sore musscles.

I gave up a long time ago. THis is about going through the motions until somehting better comes along. Only now those motions will have to consist of me not moving my lower back.

It will consist of me, i suppose, giving into the enivetiable and jsut lying back and take it.

I guess I was asking for it.

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