Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fuck you iPod. I'm so iPissed at you.

Dear iPod,

You fucking suck.

i thought we had some pretty good times together. Mocking people at the gym who were fatter than us and listening to Ashlee Simpson. All those long commutes to work where we would sing together to the Decemberists and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.

Wasn't that fun?

Well then where the hell did you go? Why have you suddenly abandoned me? What did i fucking do to you that caused you to leave me in this utter state of silence. i can't stand my own thoughts alone.

i need you, iPod. Without you i am nothing but iAlone.

Even that seem desperate, but desperate times call for desperate mesaures. And i am not above doing desperate things to get you back. i swear, i'll jsut go out and buy a new iPod - a better iPod!

i'm sorry, baby. i didn't mean it.

Last night i had to go to the gym by my self.

Yeah, laugh it up chuckle-butt. i had to run my two miles and work out while listening to the endless drivle that only people at the gym can muster.

i, so badly, wanted to listen to TV on the Radio or some Bloc Party. But no, you jackass, you were out...gone...fuck you.

When i ran into an old high school friend i could not even pretend that i did not hear him say hello. No, i had to talk to him and make casual banter that was painful, i am sure for both parties.

i blame you.

Come home, please. i miss you. i am not the same when i am forced to listen to the radio.

i'll leave the light on for you,

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Anonymous said...

You know, you really shouldn't get all that attached to your IPod. Steve Jobs makes them to break, you know. It's called "planned obsolescence." -- presuming I spelled that correctly.