Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Orleans...New Years

To make New Years in New Orleans you will need:

10 mid-sized Burbon and Cokes
1 frozen White Russian (preferably 32 oz.)
14 Miller Light beers
1 Shot of Soco and lime
1 shot of goldschlager
1 shot of Bacardi 151
1 shot of jeagermiester
1 shot of mystery substance
1 shot of pink liquid purchased by talking bottle of liquor
1 shot of...well it really did not matter after this.

Directions: Mix vigrously within the human body and shake well while listenging to Debbie and the Deacons - a band fronted by Skeletor. The LSU fight song blasting from the back of a small wagon will also do.

Allow concotion to set while having a philosohical discussion about the American dream with talking bottle of liquor.

Once mixture is well saturated, procede to balcony of Burbon Street bar to prove to everyone, including the talking bottle of liquor, that you work for Spin Magazine. End scharade when real editor of Playboy confronts you.

Then, ask random girls to dance with you - simply becasue you are (a) drunk, (b) sharing the spirit of the times, or (c) a writer for Spin Magainze.

To finish, punch random emo kid for garnish. punching a volvo will also substitute.

Prep time: 12 hours
Serves: 5 fools on a search for what 2007 means
Hangover: Catagory 5

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