Monday, February 05, 2007

Mike, you are such an enabler.

What they took from me.

1. An X-box: It really was nothing to terribly specail. It was an x-box, as I told the cop, that was on its last leg. You had to pry open the CD tray to get your DVDs or games out becasue the motor that works the door was busted.

The thing was sticky from errant Champagin and beer fights. It was a fallen solider caught in friendly fire - but it still worked when I could coax it not to fail. The controlers were worn from hours of play in dorm rooms and lazy weekends before I discovered writing.

2. Nintendo 64: Another toy. For years I would plany James Bond on this machine. I bought the graphic expansion pack for better play. High School and the friends I made from it would never have connected without it.

3. Ipod: it was my Ipod. It held every song and bit of music that I could take to work, my car, the gym, anywhere.

It was $300, but that does not matter to me. Tomorrow, I will be silent to the music i just purchased.

4. The Big Lebowski: I got this from someone I love. It had her initials writen, in alsmot a child-like fasion, across the face of the DVD. I always felt bad becasue I took this from her at first - and then she gave it to me once i finally fessed up to many things. she decided to have pitty. This, i know, i will miss the most.

5. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: I bought this myself. The scratches on the DVD came from hours of relentless play and adoration. We loved this movie. The Temple would play it to get motived, depressed, uplifted, inspired, you name it. It is now gone.

6. Batman: Some days you just cant get rid of a bomb. It took me a second to relize that it was missing becasue hte case was still there, but the movie itself was gone. This was another gift.

7. Big Fish: I still don't think she knows I had this. Now, I will never be able to give it back.

8. CDs: so many CDs. So much music wasted now.

9. All of my DVDs. Mean Girls and Bridge Jones's Diary were supposed to be joke gifts. I like those movies. They are no longer mine.

10. My desire to saty in this fucking city: I can tolerate crime. But this town and I had an unwriten truce. You don't fuck with me and won't fuck with you. Tonight, that bond was broken. And now Independence must feel my hatred and contempt. This was my home-town. Tonight. Its the last place I will ever live.

I can only hope my partner in crime will be willing to take flight come August. After tonight, this town can fuck itself.

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