Tuesday, February 06, 2007


People laughed when I said the Ministry of Gonoz needed to persue a space program...

Dressed like, JFK - head wound and all - and procliaming that the MoG would land an LSD addled mind on the moon in 10 years garnered only gafaws and chortles, CHORTLES!

No, sir, people did not believe this fearless leader when I declared an all out war on the Natioanl Association of Atronomoers and Space Geeks when they downsized the universe, budget cuts they said, and fired Pluto from its outer-rim corner planet office.

Well, Children, gather round my feet and let me tell you a story about the stars - you know those things you used to wish on before the clouds of smog and city lights cluttered your eyes.

There is no denying my love for Space and the idea of Space travel - I also cannot deny my adoration for crazy people... especially diper wearing ones.

3...2..1...BLAST OFF!

The MoG-Space Division will take this report under advisement.

We learned in Aspen that women are not allowed to Drive...now we know they are not allowed in space - unless they are part of a super-hot alien race that is hoping to kidnap men in a devious plot to make us their sex slaves...

But that senario is being studied by My Attorney and another republic's Ministry of Love

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