Saturday, March 24, 2007

Destroy this sweater

We were sitting at the bar of this Gay Karyoke bar somewhere near Greenwich Village. We had started in this small hipster bar near Houston - pronounced How-stun, or else you risk a severe beatin in the street.

The songs being belted out by the orgy of drunk queens was vaugly reminicient of times back in hte j-slums where news nerd s gathers to dance and writh agaist eachother - i blame the music, maybe it was the alcohol.

I was being led by a local and my Attorney who seemed to know the palce a little better than most god-fearing tourstis like myself. But in this bizarr scene we were jsut another gorup of people oddly thrown into the mix.

But then that is how much of life is a t 5 a.m. Drunken, mixed without heed to who is around, whether its a doughnut gobbling bum or some freak who is trying to get under the shirt of another woman right in the middle of hte bar.

There will be more to tell, but for not hte internts are spotty, if that, and getting any message out to the rest of the world is a bit harrowing.

did get to meet Brian Williams as we gawked at this NBC studio in Rockafeller Plaza. Peyton Manning and the whole SNL cast were mere feet away from us - sperated only by soundproof glass - thus Manning and Andy Samberg could not hear me swoon over them.

It was funny becasue of everyone in our 30-ma group, only my family seemed at all interested that hte Superbowl poweerhouse was stnaind right in front of us.

"We it seems that they don't want to know about hte SNl theater," our tour guide joked as she rattled off facts about the history and prestyige of the ancient soundstage.

"It Peyton," my entrouage said in almost unison.

"Does he play basketball - he looks tall," the other tour guide excaimed.

Yes, we are painfully Midwestern and yes we are a sports family. today our toruing is taking us to a bar somewhere downtown where it is told the KU fans gather to watch their Jayhawks. Yes, basketball can put a new york trip on hold, if only for a few hours and only for the shere fact that the Final Four is on the line.

There will be more tomorrow, I am sure. It is my last night here and we will have ot have soe kind of wrap up - a fear and loathing to this awful diatribe i have mde you suffer through these past few days.

now, though, it is off the museum. Time to relear everything that I might have lost in my night of new york style drinking. The animals are out and there is no stopping them.

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