Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New York: The Blog

These are the last final frantic hours here at the Paragraph Factory.

My goal is to write a week's worth of stories in the next couple of hours. Two meetings and a cluster-fuck of city evetns all consolidated down into one night of frantic, drug-addled writing.

We have done this before. It is jsut matter of focusing on the ultimate goal - getting the hell ut of this town for one glorius week.

Folks, the Wednesday Weekly is taking a vacation. We are blowing this popscicle. Getting the fuck out of Dodge. Taking that yellow raod that nobody seems to want to travle.

Then again, many people have traveled to New York - and I think hte Yellow comes from the piss stains left by the wandering packs of hobos and transitents.

But we are not going ot focuse on that.

No, we are going ot focus on the glorious fact that we are leaving; on the move, again. It has been far to long - New Years to be exact - since I have gotten out of this city.

It was draining on my soul to not get a change of scenery. But this Trip is kick off what looks like one fuck of a summer of travel. New York, Las Vegas, Dallas, Ohio - Ok, so not all of them are as glorious as out kick-off event.

I'm not even going ot pretend I know what is going ot happen. I'm meeing my attorney there one night. Other friends other nights. We will tour the Big Apple and take it for all its worth. Like a midnight robbery.

We will sneak in and pillage the city for all it is worth. I have a $5,000 credit card that is screaming to be used violently by every bartender and concert venue in the eastern city of sin and fun.

I'm hoping to keep you all updated on my travels. And by you all, i mean me and probably only me. Out side of daily updates, I'm hoping to also give you a quick glimps into the inner workings of my family - my entourage that will be driving this madcap of a vacation.

Will we vote someone out of the family? Will someone die, lose and arm, an eye? Only the gods know, and we already have seen how they can be a cruel pack of vicious wolves that will eat your hand as you feed them.

It's time to dive in. Get dirty and slop around in this muck and mire I call work. Rip it off like a band-aid and the pain will only be brief...but I'm into pain, so maybe ill make it go as slow as possible.

That's it. Rip the needle out sideways just to watch the fucker bleed.

Look out, New York. I have not even started on you and this the level of crazy I have acheived.

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