Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Nertz to you, Spaceman!

Harry S Truman was not a subtle man.

He was the kind of man who would grab life by the haunches and hump it into submissions. This might be why one of my favorite cartoons in syndication portrayed him as a fast talking box crushing '20s-era Elliot Ness.

I, of course, am talking about Futurama and refering to the episode where the gang gets transported back to 1947.

Truman gets introduced as several military generals are talking about how the space creatures they caught need to be kept top secrect. At this moment 2 MPs wheel a box of Eggs from an airplane.

Truman then comes punching out of the wood box and demands to know the score. He was a hard ass and was not below slapping around a lobster like animal who is a stereotype of every New Jesery Jew since the 1900s.

I'm not sure why I find this so hysterical. It could be connection to Independence, Truman's home town. It could be my new facination with preidents of this country. It could also be becasue phrases like "Nertz" and "Squidabilly" just seem funniers coming from a man in a white suit.

But really, I jsut like when cartoons portray real actors. The Simpsons did a take on Brizilain Soccer star Ronaldo. At one point Ronaldo starts an argument between Lisa and Homer.

As the Father/Daughter fight moves off screne, Ronaldo declares ,"Aha, another family destroyed by Ronaldo!" and then procedes to back flip into the sunset.

p.s. - he has a history of sleeping with other people's wives.


Why? Who the hell cares. Cartoons pretty much have the ability to do anything especailly make fun of real people without them even knowing - Tom Cruise on South Park. Or how about the whole Scientology religion...protrayed as a hunting club who has sex with little boys.


I don't think the whole web-zine is going to work here, Catamounts.

You see, I found out this week that a fellow reporter/drinking buddy is going to begin writing for The Pitch. I guess they are undergoing a hiring binge in the hopes that they are going to create - wait for it - an online music Web site that will focus on KC Music.

I think i should keep my ideas to myself in the future.

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