Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The rules...

Some of the best laid plans are made while drunk.

Road trips, relationships, new jobs, life goals all of them suddenly become clean and clear under the haze of a few bourbons.

It is just as easy to see the insanity of thouse same plans as soon as the sun rises on the next day and you are left with only a raging hangover to teach you lesson.

"You thought what was a good idea...?" your brain would say to you flicking the senstivie nerves behind you eye.


But it seems my brain is on deck with my latest crazy idea. It actually woke me up the next day to continue the discussion, review bar napkins for more ideas and brain storming (nice turn, eh?).

And, by god, this brain was storming with idea, people who need tobe in motion, places that need to be contacted.

You see, here at the paragraph factory I have put in for a transfer out of my currnet division. But my transfer was denied - hard.

As I sulked in the dark bar of McCoys downtown it finally hit me. About halfway though The Roseline's set - visit them - when I knew it was time to take matters into my own hands.

I want to create a Web-zine that would focus on KC Music and only KC music.

Think Pitchfork, but with only bands from Kansas City, Lawrence, Easter Jackson County and maybe even Columbia.

There is a music scene - for the most part - here in KAsnas City. There are bands that are doing good things and making a name for themselves.

There is something going on here and people seem to ignore it. Anodyne Records, Oxblood Records and ahandfull of other independent labes are all based right down town, but there is no signle publication that covers them all.

As I have hashed this, soberly, in my mind, I have come to several major conclusions:

1. It has to be online
2. It will have to be daily (or more)
3. It will need the support of local musicians and other record comapnies - it cannot be seen as some outsider trying to take anyone down
4. It cannot be a place for reviews. The main hook has to be to listen to new artists and see the news of what is going on.
5. It has to be independent of any of the other media institutions.

The Pitch and the KC Star do well in their own right. The Pitch is too pretentious and does not really get at the heart of news - reviews, sure. Lauding good band, they do it well. But they do not have a great venue for news or even pictures.

Why waste my time?

It would not be a rah rah for bands. They already have one of those. But simply something that would tell us who is playing with who, when and are bands being signed and going on tour.

But i know I have my own limitations
1. I do not know enough about KC's scene
2. I do not know enough about the internet to host such a site
3. I do not have the time to do this by myself.

I know there are some out there who would jump in and help out. There are some that would love to be a part of something at the ground level like this.

I guess the only difference between this idea and the others, is how long can this idea, borne out of drunken chatter among friends, keep itself stoked without me doing anything as i continue to doubt myself about it.

Time is of the essence here. I have to at least try, right?

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