Friday, August 31, 2007

This beard will grown on you

That's right, WWers. I have joined the great ranks of men with beards.

Two weeks in and the usual five-o-clock shadow has given way to a robust bush of facial fuzz.

We blasted though the itchy, pedophile stage and right into full growth. I wake up in the morning forgetting what I have done, until I scratch my soulder or reopen one of those deep wounds caused by a strai face hair. they are deadly, people.

The whole idea for growing this face fungus came when my roommate and I decided that we needed a competition. Granted, we compete for a lot of things - attention, alcohol, games.

But this seemed like something that neither of us really new who would win.

Let me give you the run down...

In the red corner we have My Roommate: standing at roughly 5-foot-11 and 180 lbs he comes from the far away land of Oregon. Trained in the journalistic arts of Michigan.

With an Asian liniage his ability to grow a beard was thrown into questions, but a full head of hair proved promissing as we begin this bout.

In the blue corner we have Me: 6-foot-5 and 250 lbs az native of these Missouri waters and trained in the back woods of COlumbia.

His family is a mix between Russian and German lending him to a hariy growth that would rival that of big foot. As he has gotten older hair on arms, legs, chests, stomachs and elsewhere proved promissing as he set out to also farm face fuzz.

Two weeks in and the verdicts are roughly split.

My Roommate's fine haired beard makes him more stylish and "clean" one member of our group said. On the other hand, the full thick growth I sport on my chin is more reminicent of a Mountian Beast deceding from the tops of Mt. Doom.

Yes, that was a Lord of the Rings Reference, so sue me.

We have decided that after four weeks we will assess and evauluate the beard. Personally, I am beginning to love it. It's like a whole new adventure - plus I don't have to shave - ever.

Eat it Gillete. Fuck you and your Mach 3.

Maybe after time I can groome it and trim it into some cool shapes. Maybe trim my name into the side of my face.

Now that would be badass...

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