Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I need stats stat!

The internet is a fucking scary place.

But what really gets me about the internet is that you have, in a sence, two internets. Follow me for a second becaue this might get complicated.

Most people know the Internet - capital I - as the "place" they go to check e-mail and download porn or get photos of the grandkids. The thing is, you really anr't going anywhere. You are sitting in your office and viewing these things as they stream though the fiber optics, cable lines and telephone wires.

But the physical internet - the wires in the walls at homes, and underground cables, the boxes that are hidden by small shurbs is the physical manifestation of that same internet.

What does this all mean, Mike? Are you on the pills again?


But that does not end my own facination with the network that copmanies are figthing tooth and nail to control that allows us to look at dogs on skateboards and squirrels on skis.

The guy from AT&T was trying to pitch to the city council the idea that the city needed to instal a 10 foot tall relay box in the middle of a park. Bad news to most, but part of his pitch included these facts as to why those kinds of boxes were needed all over the city...

- Growth in Internet traffic went from 1.5 million gigabytes per month in 1996, to 700 million gigabytes per month in 2006.

- You-Tube didn’t exist in January, 2005. Its users are now watching 100 million clips daily, consuming as much bandwidth each and every day, as the entire Internet consumed in the year 2000.

- Downloading a single high definition movie consumes more bandwidth than does the downloading of 35,000 web pages; it’s the equivalent of downloading 2300 songs over Apple’s
i-Tunes web site.

- There are 60 million new video “uploads” each day.

- Daily email traffic is projected to grow from 90.4 billion in 2007, to 102.2 billion emails in 2009.

- By 2010, it is expected that 20 typical households will generate as much traffic as the entire Internet moved in 1995.

- Sweet mother of god we are addicted. I don't even want to know what percentage of that data being flowed though out bandwidth is porn or some otehr elicit item.

Consider this mind blown.

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