Friday, September 21, 2007

Interwebs, prepare thy self!

The Wednesday Weekly has always been a good forum for my little diatribes and drunken rambling.

They might not have always been the most well though out or coherent, but damnit we had a good time. We laughed, we cried we have made some slightly racist comments in these hallowed parchments of ... inter net journaling.

Oh, don't confuse this with some kind of good bye speech. This is not my Xanadu. No, my lack luster elite. Today lesson and personal insight into my own pathetic drone of a life is an announcement!

This week wise, and beard clad men downtown bellowed the Kudo horn calling for volunteers for a new project. The old Paragraph Factory has Viagra induced boner for Blogs (consult a doctor it is last more tha four hours). And so they are preparing to launch yet another blog that will challenge the need for our own paper product.

I, like Spartacus in a crowd, raised my hand a volunteers. Well, it was more like I was conscripted. It seems, among some of the wilder crowds downtown, my reputation for insanity has been recognized as both and asset and dangerous on many levels - keep him away from the paste up machine!

Well, WWers we have already seen the creation of the crime blog...soon after we had the political blog and then the editorial cartoonists blog. Not long then we had a music blog and a business blog and a gardening blog. Hell, if i looked I am sure I would find a quilting blog.

Today, my newsroom announced though, Mike Ekey would be one of the principle contributors to the paper's newest Dating and Relationships blog. Kiss and Tell.

I know, the name leave a little to be desired, but the editors in their infinite wisdom feel it is time they let one of the younger staff members (youngest, actually) tack a crack at their blogging culture.

Being that it is my generation that is casting off the newspaper in record numbers, they want to try this little experiment to see if the masses of 20-somethings will read a relationships blog.

What is this blog about? Well, I'm not really sure. Our first editorial meeting involved me and the two other contributors (who match up with other much needed demographics) talking about dates we have been on, women/men we have been with and the general idea that we have been given a licence to write about anything that deals with the opposite sex.

Folks, we have hit the jackpot.

I mean, i know everyone is going to love hearing about the time I went on a date and managed to get roofied.

Everyone will love to hear about the church group i went to that turned out to be the dirtiest group of swingers this side of Christendom.

I know people will flock to the time I flirted and got the number of a former high school teacher (i knew she looked familiar, i said the next day reading my old year book, as I am penchant to do).

Hunter Thompson said, and I;m paraphrasing, you don't know the edge until you have gone over. Well, kids, grab your grappling hook and prepare for a sharp fall because we are getting ready for go flying off that edge and never look back.

Will it get me fired? Maybe...will i get to meet new people...I hope. Have I found a new venue for writing about this god awful gonzo existence I call my better fucking believe it.

Hold on to your butts.

(I will post the new site here once it is live. I was told it should be about two weeks from now. Any ideas? Questions? Tips...I think we will need regular features and good things to talk about. So I am looking to you, my loyal base of retards and fuck around readers.)

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