Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Do I regret it...fuck no.

Yes, there are times I wished I had done better in college. I probably should have studied more or focused more on the tests that got brutally shoved up my ass each and every three weeks.

Maybe I should have sucked up a little more to those professors who would rail on Wal-Mart or brand-name clothes. Or the teaching assistants who wanted to make sure we bought their books and read their works.

Fuck, I should have at least introduced myself to a few more teachers so I would not have to sweat like a jackal in heat as I wait for the scores of my most recent academic blunder.

I really screwed the pooch on this one.

But this time I actually studied. I actually wanted to do well and did not go into that class room at 8 a.m. with that dreaded stomach knot realizing I was having a test that day.

I was confident and knew I was not the one getting raped against a blackboard…calk dust getting in your eyes to ad insult to injury.

Well, this brutal back alley fight left both of us with bruised egos and walking a little funny, but at least we still had our pride intact.

What made this last fight so horrible and important was the fact that, well, I was a horrible student.

Do I regret my actions in college? Not at all. In the grand scheme of things it actually helped me. If you think grades really matters ask yourself where your high school valedictorian is these days.

Ours lives at home and is pregnant with her second kid…I think. I might be making that up. Grades don’t matter unless you are in a pissing match with a scientist; or applying to law school.

I think it was my blast from the past that put me on the foul track of wondering if I made the right decisions. And it does not take long to say, hands down, yes. I would not change on bit.

Maybe I would learn an instrument…but then, that is one of those regrets I have held onto since High School, and sweet Jesus I had a lot of regrets there.

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