Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hate for a day

AT&T/Cingular, I hate you.

I cannot tell you how irritating you are. You drop calls. You miss calls. You have some "phantom" glitch that make it seem like my phone is calling random people when I am not calling this people at all.

If i get one more phone call at 8 a.m. from an angry mexican guy screaming into the phone about how I need to stop calling him, I will pitch my phone into the river.

Not only is my phone crapping out on me one device at a time, but any hint of customer service is always weaved with an impressvie sales pitch.

"Hijacked phone number? How about you buy a new phone...or purchase the rights to a new number!"

"Receiver not working? Oh, hon, we don't repair phones we just sell newer ones!"

The blank stares and bewildered looks that came from, how do I fix this were almost sad if they were not so deathly serious.

"No really, jsut throw it away and buy a new one, kid."

There is also this bizarre rule where if you do not know the street address of the where the bill is sent you get no serivce what so ever.

As I approached the clerk she asked for my number and the name an address of the policy holder. I complied but confused the street number of my parent's home with that of my granparents home.

"I'm sorry that is not right, you will have to go to the end of the line."

What? Like I am on some Price is RIght triva game? Do I get to use my defective phone as a Plinko chips the next time around to see what level of service I will get.

Sinnfuly unhelpful.

Damn you AT&T, you make me actaully want to go to Sprint and their land grabbing, arena building whore of a company.

Now I am all whipped up into a froth!

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blythe said...

t-mobile, baby. i heart them.

and i think you made the right life choice, for what it's worth, though no one can decide that for you.