Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I stepped in it this time.

I have a habit - for some reason - of starting new jobs on Wednesday.

I started my first job on a Wednesday - I also started the job right after that on a Wednesday.

And today, at the end of a weird and wild Tuesday, I walked into the paragraph factory and told them I was leaving in two weeks to start a new job on the Wednesday after Thanksgiving.

The circle of life.

That's right, kiddies, I'm busting out of the corporate world and preparing for a venture in the Indie-Newspaper Scene.

I will start wearing all black - mostly from he ink that will stain my hands as I label and fold that weeks newspaper.

I will cut my hair asymmetrically - on account of my sleep deprivation from editing all night to meet a crazy Monday night deadline.

Today I accepted a job as the editor of a weekly newspaper here in KC. I get the dream job of a small office owned and operated by a family but with the intricate detail of being located in the middle of Kansas City Proper rather than in the middle of nowhere.

There are so many things here I will get to work on that would not even think of invading the tender sensibilities of the JoCo Crowd.

I probably should have taken more time to think about what I was stepping into before I signed the contract and pledged a day to show up for work. I probably should have thought about doing something that "made sense" rather than being rash.

Fuck, you are only young once. I have the next 60 years to make the decisions that are boring and will "enhance my career."

Today was about buying the ticket and actually taking the god-damned ride.

Here's to the ticket, rather, here is to the ride that we will straddle and clutch for the next few years...or until the next ride comes along - probably sometime on a Wednesday.


UPDATE: 1:23 a.m. - What have I done? I don't think i have ever been so terrified of my own decision.


UPDATE: 2:47 a.m. - SHIT!

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