Sunday, January 27, 2008

Clinton and my brother

Photo by The KC Star

Maybe you can see it.

You might have to squint, but the kid - second from the right, back row - is my brother. And, boy howdy, does he look thrilled to be there!

Then again, standing in a gymnasium for over an hour listening to someone talk about politics, his wife, other things, would not appeal to me either.

"Hey, I thought there was a game going on...what do you mean stand here? Who is Hillary?"

I would have gotten excited for Clinton - I did when he was at the Auditorium - but now he is openly campaigning for his wife. I'm not a big fan of her at all.

I got my reasons: her stance on, the First Amendment, Iraq War, Health Care, the death penalty are not exactly what I think it good for even a half cooked avocado..

Call me a hippie - I know I am.

Clinton is an engaging speaker - despite your politics, you have to agree with that - but i don't really know if i would vote for him if he ran for anything ever again.

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Rachel said...

You should probably use the term "boy howdy" a whole lot more in everyday conversation.