Friday, January 18, 2008

The doo-hickey goes in the thing-a-ma-bob

I never understand why guys who sell hard-core electronics always act like they just stole whatever they are trying to sell.

I'm not talking about the guys who push HD TVs or a new cell phone with a smile. I'm talking about the punk-emo kids in the back who specialize in car stereo simply because they know how to forcefully remove them from any kind of car.

Even at Best Buy, when I tried to get the parts I needed for my satellite radio, the sales guy kept shifting from foot to foot, looking over my shoulder and sweating profusely.

"Um, yeah, man, that should work in you car," he said, averting his eyes as if i was about to bring the military though the service window to bring down his little corporate electronic racket.

I half expected him to lead my out back where he kept "the good stuff." Ah, but no luck. He instead sent me online to some "Pimp My Ride" Web site where they specialize in obscure audio parts and 20-inch wheel rims.

Turns out my 2000 Honda Civic is too old to have new gadgets connected directly to it. So I e-mailed the guys who sell these parts and this is the photo I get back:

Sure, these didn't just fall off the back truck and into his garage.

But I got my PxDxKI Aux Modulator. Even if i did feel a little dirty dealing with these guys. Next time, I'l just hit up the pot heads at Radio Shack.

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