Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Letters from a madman Vol. 1 Issue 1.

For a little context: After quitting my former job, John kept sending his bizarre brand of letters to my old e-mail account, which forwarded them to my old editor but never got forwarded to me.

Eventually, the bosses there told him to stop because he was scaring them and I no longer worked at that institution of paragraph assembly, which only instigated him to write more.

The last time I saw him was at his wedding.

When you find a fellow Gonzo letter writer you have to hold on to them. Then you can get a bit of correspondence like this

Dear John,
Well, I am sure the honeymoon is off and running.

I just wanted to get this e-mail address to you before you had the whole editorial side of the Star beating down your door for sending me your usual snuff-film-laced e-mails to my old account there.

This line is secure. No government agents or sausage-fingered Jesus freaks will be listening in.

Drunkenly Yours,

He was quick to counter.

I loved the Sausage-Fingered Jesus Freaks....I saw them open up for Tesla and Warrant at OzzFest '99 in Kansas City. They brought the house down. And then we had to burn it down.

Thanks for the new e-mail. I would hate to have those dumbasses e-mail again to remind me you no longer work there.

But I thought one more could not hurt. Actual e-mail sent tonight to DKnopf or whomever that jackass is at The Star:

"Hey dude...tomorrow night, you, me and Bobby McGee...18th and Central. Bring the gimp."

That oughta keep him busy for at least 30 seconds.

Iowa, out.

I volley back

Well, hope all is well. Keep sending those letters to the Star. They need it. They are soft in the middle and ready for a shake up of some sorts.


No word yet on how the letter writing campaign has fared.

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