Thursday, January 24, 2008

Project: Hipster Douchbage

It have my new glasses. My ironic beard. My styled hair that takes me 20 minutes to look like I just woke up.

And now, I am in a band.

As a painfully Midwestern artistic-type. There was only one way to truly confess my love/disdain for this world. A three-chord progression that uses old song maps to make music that sounds mostly like a commercial you remember from last year's Super Bowl.


Through my music I can express my soul, and pick up hot chicks at woefully boring parties.

How did we do this?

Well, first off I blatantly ripped this from another blog. But more importantly it was with lots of pluck and vigor that the AFBs were able to bring our music to the world.

With our debut album, Into Our Own, we show how we are all about the music.

You too can join a band.

Down with the power; Make you own album.

1. - The title of the article will be the name of your new band.

2. - The last few words of the very last quote is the title of the album.

3. - The third picture is your album cover.

Becasue these days cutting yourself isn't enough to make you a rock star anymore.


Bethel said...

Ekey! This is awesome!
My band name:
Tim McClelland (MLB umpire)
My Album:
Turn my Head Slightly (mitch hedberg quote about not owning a pager)
My picture:

Wow. Awesome.

Bethel said...

We did it again for Crystal:

No Recipe For Living


ERICA said...