Monday, January 21, 2008

The Proud Highway pg. 237

I weep for this industry.

For the most part, we all used to joke about being layed off, canned, fired, pink slipped, etc. But those were jokes. None of us really though it would happen and - again - for the most part it has not.

But today the knife cut a little close.

The Examiner - the former daily rag out hometown way - laid off 50 percent of its staff. Only one person over the age of 40 managed to survive the smack down from corporate.

Now, I don't know how many were from news, sports, IT or advertising. All I know is what was cryptically sent to me. But even cryptically it was like reading a tattered note written in the final death throws of some fool running scared from the battle field.

"Send help. reinforcements, someone!"

At the same time, The Paragraph Factory is cutting back, old editors are being downsized, good people are being shifted and the staff - ultimately - is being cut.

They are going down because they are mismanaged, slow to change, Titanics among an industry of Icebergs.

I don't see us as an Iceberg at the News. We are merely a life raft, half full, and bobbing up and down each time one of these massive ships of journalism goes under for the deep sea to consume.

Romenesko has been too depressing to read - though the disciples of Gonzo keep me up to date.

We will do our thing and drag people aboard our little corner of the ocean as they come swimming off their vessels that tried to drag them.

I'm not worried. Not in the least.

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