Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Nintendo Generation

I grew up with a Nintendo.

Hell, I remember the Christmas when I got not only the Nintendo, but also the power pack, power chair and all necessary video games to catapult me into pale, pimply skin for the rest of my natural life.

My cousins had Segas and Cubes and even Dolphins, if i remember that correctly, but nothing measured up to the sheer brilliance and depth that Nintendo had when it decided to pit an Italian plumber and his brother against a a prehistoric dinosaur in an endless search for a princess.

But what will really blow your mind is this historical little clip i found from an ACTUAL video game pitch meeting.

Watch it and prepare to have your mind blown. Or maybe it will give a little perspective to those tweeked out games we used to play as kids.

If only our parents knew the truth.

This little glimpse into history also gave us the best line that I now shout to everyone in my office...

"Leisure suits and group sex at my place in 10..."

Of course it was quickly ruined/enhanced when my publisher then announced that he still owns a leisure suit.

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Anonymous said...

amen, brotha. a-fucking-men.