Tuesday, April 15, 2008

What I do in a given day

The longer I spend in this industry, the more I begin to understand that the average person has no fucking clue what I do in a given day.

It's not all drive-by shootings and hookers begging for work in any given day out in Northeast. No, my uninformed rube of readers, my day is literally chocked full of newsworthy tasks and important events that require my attention.

For example, as a professional journalist, today my co-worker and I painstakingly recreated the final, climatic scene from Back to the Future.

(spoiler alert, bitches)

In this scene Doc is standing atop the clock tower as Marty drives by at 88 mph in the time machine just as lightening hits the clock tower (or my ornamental clock given by some organization for something we did as a newspaper). That's Lego Doc up top there, too.

This project took us roughly three hours after I had to spend the earlier half of the day being yelled at by a man who, for the most part, is batshit crazy.

But then again, dealing with people out Northeast-way might make just about anyone batshit crazy.


Chris Allen said...

Not to be a dick, and not that I care if people think I'm a dick, but when Marty hit the wire and went back to 1985 Doc was on the ground. Remember? He had to zip-line down because the chord was unplugged.

But nonetheless, bravo on the recreation.

Sean said...

Here are the top 5 scenes I now want to see recreated on your desk at work:
1) The Godfather - Where Fredo gets whacked in a row boat on Lake Tahoe
2) Close Encounters - a scale model of Devil's Tower done in mashed potatoes
3) The Empire Strike Back - where Han is frozen in carbonite.
4) American Pie - where Jason Biggs is caught with an Apple Pie
5) Dr. Strangelove - where T. Boone Pickens rides a missile like a rodeo bull.

I expect to see results, young man.