Monday, May 19, 2008


Because it seems someone out there loves the little Dutch building blocks as much as I do.

This video, of course, combines Legos AND Indiana Jones — my latest fad obsession.

I have to thank the our newest Tourist to Geektown, Population: Me, for pointing this gem out. Oddly enough, not the first time I have gotten a link to this Web site about Legos from this person.

I wonder if that makes her more or less...well, never mind.

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UPDATE: Kill joy

Apparently, being accurate is better than being wicked cool.

Still, a 6-foot-tall Lego Ball, whether hollow or chocked-full of Legoey goodness still makes for an awesome feat.

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UPDATE - sort of: Amazing!

This guy can put together one little bad ass Lego car WHILE STILL IN THE BAG!

I know, I know.

This is more Lego posts than most of you can handle, but right now I am staring at my Lego Statue of Liberty I built almost a year ago and am wondering if I can fashion it into a statue of myself before my next meeting downtown this afternoon.

And I'll do it while inside a burlap sack... Take that Lego-in-the-bag-building man.


Mandy said...

Legos = glorious.

blythe said...

When are you coming to Steamboat?!? I have a partially built Batmobile that I think we could knock out as we power our way through a case or two.