Friday, June 06, 2008

Get Excited.

PARIS, TENN. — Trapped in in a Southern state with nowhere to go and no refuge in sight. Here I sit hiding in my hotel room after committing one blunder after another and seemingly burning every local I came in contact with.

I reek of The City in this town, where only the Churches out number the seedy Strip Clubs. The people here have no tolerance for tourists.

But when you build a replica of the Eiffel Tower in your city park, what do you expect?

We came here to escort our youngest sibling to show off his own basketball skills. From the beginning, things went well. We spoke quickly and with all smiles about Murray. But get outside the comforts of a college town we were mired in the hostile territory of the locals; where the wild things are.

The shades to the real window have been pulled shut with view of the local Huddle Hut and liquor store obscured by the thin curtains. The laptop provides my only good window to the rest of the world. And what should I find in my inbox but some of the greatest news filed on this vile recruiting adventure.

Gonzo does not die out here south of the Mason Dixon Line.

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