Monday, June 23, 2008

Victory tastes like dirt and sunscreen

Every once in a while the Wednesday Weekly takes a break from our usual tales of self-destruction to engage this fine community in some friendly sport-like competition — which usually leads to their own destruction.

While most of teams in this neighborhood fund-raiser event were made up of kids, adult and teens from the neighborhoods, there was one group of impostors among us.

The Federal Government, in it endless pursuit of Usama Bin Laden at Kickball Tournaments, entered its own team of investigators/dick heads. But for all of their strategy, muscle and athletic ability they failed to do one thing; Fear the Underdogs. They thought their deep bench and 10 people in the field was going to crush our band of usual drunks and misfits.

But this rag-tag bunch of journalists, high school athletes and friends dominated at the ancient sport of Kickball to take home to coveted Cars Trophy Ball.

Next year, maybe the government will send the Green Berets — they might have been a more suitable group of competitors.

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