Wednesday, July 09, 2008

[Applause Here]

My brothers love gratuitous recognition; whether it is the slow clap from one sibling in a crowded restaurant, or waving to a imaginary crowd after finishing an entire jar of salsa.

But last week we added a new layer in ego pumping to one of these little ceremonies; a professional camera.

Yes, as we took down the five-year-old basketball goal in our front yard, The Basketball Player decided he needed to practice for the day he makes it to the Final Four. It was not the camera that egged these jackasses on. No, this would have happened regardless. The camera merely allowed me prove their/our arrogance to use as fodder for this foul dumping ground.

Make no mistake, that would be one of them climbing the step ladder to cut down the net on the broken goal.

One, of course, could not be out done by the other, mind you.

Oh, and don't think for a second I was above waving to the imaginary and adoring masses gathered on the driveway.


Katie said...

Yeah, had to laugh out-loud at this one

blythe said...

You look like a freaking wolverine, fella. Good lord.