Wednesday, July 23, 2008


It seems our last entry into this journal of mayhem might have been a little off base.

Sure, my mom is loony as a fox when it comes to airports, but she did not grab the kid's bag as they attempted to evacuate the Las Vegas Airport faster than a MASH unit.

Seems in the chaos and confusion that is filing into a mini-van one by one caused my grandmother to grab the kid's duffel full of toys. I knew the old lady could swear like a sailor, but I did not know she also had a thread of thievery in her, too. Maybe it was that Vegas air that got to her — it's a dry heat with a waft of money.

I know when I have bested. We may not uphold the highest of journalism standards — especially spellcheck — when it comes to the Wednesday Weekly and her vile postings, but I know deep down when I need to issue a correction.

The Wednesday Weekly regrets the error...

OK, so really this was just a chance for me to post these photos of old people acting old. Enjoy!


"Careful, Senator, we don't want you breaking a hip. Oh, check out this sweet decal I got for my ride..."

Associated Press
"You know what I hate, John, young people..."
"You said it, George. Hey, it's 4 p.m., time for dinner."

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