Monday, July 07, 2008

E! True Hollywood Stories: The Rock-afire Explosion

You got to ask yourself sometime: What really made our generation so fucking weird?

The pills? The booze? The instant technology that could whisk us away to a world of celebrities, porn and celebrity porn? No, Generation Worthless, I blame something more devious.

The music, specifically, The Rock-afire Explosion.

You tell me you never caught one of Rock-afire's transmorgifying shows and began, right there, with half a pizza in your belly, to question the existence of God.

Well, someone hell bent on dredging back up this part of our past put together a feature film on the band.

But really, the reason you come to The Wednesday Weekly is to see what happens when twisted freaks get hold of that kind of technology and really pervert the hell out of life.

Which you can see here...

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