Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mortal sins of a blogger

I know, stop shouting and calling me a terrorist pussy. I get it, I linked to the same Web site two days in a row.

But today, Mental Floss hit a little close to home with its most recent feature on City Council Crazies — and come on, who doesn't love gawking at a crazy person from the comforts of their own home?

As a veteran city hall reporter this makes me laugh in fits as I know people exactly like this. I suspect once I jump ship from this foul journalism industry, I will, in fact, become a person like this.

You see, my patriotically challenged readers, at most City Hall meetings in this country, there is a time where any random Joe and Janes can stand at a microphone and speak their mind. Got a pothole in your street? Go tell it directly to City Hall. Sewers backing up after a rain storm? Let the mayor know at the meeting.

It's all designed to give residents a chance to expound and pontificate the greater philosophical goals of a municipality and its hegemonic duties in the greater system of public government.


It allows absolute nuts jobs a chance to don their tin-foil hats and talk about how everybody is out to get them. Guess which one I have seen more of at these meetings.

Imagine that guy on the street corner yelling about Jesus being gay and Hitler living in his co-op. Now imagine him amplified and being broadcast out on television stations around the city.

And don't think for a second this is reserved for the big cities. Oh no, some of the craziest at City Council meetings come straight from the quite suburbs where hippies and old people have nothing better to do than bug the shit out of elected officials because their water tastes funny every third Thursday after a full moon.

I'm no scientist, but this is a recipe for disaster — and hilarity. Well, good old MF compiled a list of some of their favorites and offered it up in a buffet of boneheads.

Here is my favorite:

Next time I tell you I have to go to City Council meeting, remember I will probably need a drink immediately after.

UPDATE: Stait'z in r skoolz, jerrymandrin' r diztrix!

McSweeny's has a nice take on the minutes from a LOLCAT City Council Meeting. Everyone on the Interwebs seems to be thinking civicly this week...


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