Saturday, July 26, 2008

TR2N - cue nerd fanfare.

UPDATE: Well, it seems the Mouse is on to us and Disney pulled the bootleg trailer. But I think you can still view it here in all its majestic glory and wonder.

It's a crappy bootleg. It's shaky. It's out of focus BUT it is undeniable that Disney is coming out with what it really should just call Jeff Bridges Being Bad Ass Part II; Tron II.

I am a little too young to have seen the original in theaters, but Tron One filled a cannon of other nerd-fest computer movies — Seakers, Hackers, War Games, Weird Science — that I loved on VHS as a kid. I can even pin point having seen Tron on Disney late one night and then proceeded to ask for a new computer in the third grade.

Secretly I thought every computer came with a light-motorcycle.

It was a big deal, even up until high school, that I not only had a computer but knew how use The Mystical Interwebs and rip music.

Compare that to today where the two-year-old son of one of my employees now comes to my office each Monday and can do backflips around several online computer programs.

Damn kids these days.

But this is not about the future generations of this God Fearing nation. No, this is about Jeff Bridges coming back in all his Dude glory to kick some ass in 16-bit world.

"It's just a game..."

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