Thursday, August 07, 2008

Batton down the hatches!

UPDATE: Dag, world. Looks like the brains of the operation decided to delay this thing until Sept. 10. Consider this your last warning. Now get to looting!


Gizmodo once again proves it is the greatest Web site covering everything technology — and space, cars, Legos, Swedish sex preferences, etc.

Today, Giz says, marks the last 24 hours of existence for Earth. Scientists in France are preparing to fire up their new Large Hadron Collider toy and discover where we all came from — by destroying every atom. The goal, I think, is to prove several missing links in several major Physic's theories. If I had gotten beyond biology in High School this all might make more sense.

All I do know is that some fairly prominent science-like folks say this could backfire and spell the end of the world as it will create a black hole sucking us all into another dimensions (Oh, please let it be one with Hover Boards).

Still, its pretty damned cool.

Our Lord and Savior over at Gizmodo, Jesus Diaz, even warns everyone to duck and cover with our own Bucket Lists — and a busty lady — before those jerk scientists flip the switch and reduce us all to Space Dust.

I am no scientist but I think once the machine is activated it will look a lot like this:

Also, if you get a chance. The photos of the LHC prove that, in the end, our deaths will not come at the hands of some ghastly beast... Oh no ... It will come from one of the most gorgeous pieces of technology/Time Lord Companion.

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