Friday, August 08, 2008

Econ 101

A statistical cost-benefit analysis corresponding to the natural trade-off limitation:
A.K.A: I want both an iPhone and Lego Taj Mahal but can't afford both.
It's math!

What: The iPhone
Cost: $200
Notes: Because the next time my brothers ask me what movie Shai LeBoufe is filming right now, I want to whip this sonofabitch out and look it up instantly. Need to know what article of the Constitution dictates the rules on who can be VPOTUS? iPhone. Want to know what VPOTUS means?

Really, iPhone is the answer to every question you have never been smart enough to ask in the past. Hell, I bet if i find the the mod and a Flux Capacitor, I could make it travel thorough time to tell myself the questions I need to ask only to have it answered by my new iTARDIS/Phone.

What: Taj Mahal Lego set
Cost: $299
Why: Because what better way to honor and respect one of India's most treasured architectural wonders than by turning it into Legos. This 5,922-piece set transcends the usual play sets and really is a blasted work of art — that is until the dog knocks it off the table a week after you sweat through its construction.

With that many pieces, rumors have it that it is actually larger than the Death Star model Lego just came out with that is 3,4000 pieces. The Taj will be available sometime in October — just in time for Christmas, eh, eh?

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