Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"I don't think that is...oh hell, you never listen to me anyway."

It's never good to reveal personal news when it comes to the blog-nation of WW. In fact, it is down right inappropriate.

But since when has this foul oasis of rational thought ever toed the line of manners and grace?

My grandfather on my Dad's side of the family died this past weekend. It seems cruel to say it was amazing he made it this long, but with several terrible bouts of emphysema and lung cancer after decades of smoking, he was working with pure will power alone to breathing through the summer humidity and heat here at .

During the last 15 years we had kind of drifted a part due to several reasons and other random acts of insanity. Either way this whole week makes for terrible writing and even worse mood swings that puts everyone on edge when you bring it up.

Anyway, when I came across this story about the bizarre Will left behind by a Brooklyn couple, I for some reason, could not stop imagining that my grandfather would probably do the same thing — that is if my humorless lawyer father did not get a hold of it first.

He was the only person I knew would could make me blush in public as he would make slightly derogatory comments to the waitresses at Bob Evans. Olds; they will never know how inapproprite they really are.

"To my shifty eldest grandson: you know those little glass cats I collected in the basement? Yep, you get 'em. May they creep you out for all eternity. lolz, pwned!"

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