Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I (heart) Posnanski

Joe Posnanski at the Old Paragraph Factory is amazing. If I could write sports like this guy, I think I would be set for life. Of, course how his counterpart, Jason Whitlock, still pulls down a six-figure paycheck despite layoffs and cutback...well, that is a different story for another drunken rant.

Posnanski posts this today from Beijing - A Slam Dunk about Coach K being a dick.

Posnanski, of course, was also at the Olympics when then U.S. Basketball team performed like a bunch of third-grade girls and called them out on it.

I can't find the article anywhere on the internet (and The Star wants to charge me 5 bucks just to read it online). So, until I get to the Library you will have to deal with what I remember from the end of that article... from four years ago...

"I watched the rest of the game without the help of a translator on play-by-play. But, really, in any language you can recognize when someone is giving a eulogy."
— Me channeling the spirit of Posnanski

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