Friday, August 15, 2008

I need an adult!

In a move that can only be described as purely evil, I forced my roommates to watch seven hours of straight Olympic coverage. But if there was ever a night to watch NBC's wall-to-wall coverage, it was Thursday night.

Olympic swimming and gymnastics...

Um, what? Men in spandex splashing around in the water and 16-year-old girls (save for the 12-year-old Chinese girls) writhing and bouncing on the main stage? Yes. Cue music and enter Chris Hassen.

If nothing, else you can at least judge who the real athletes are by which ones have their own Butter Bust on display. God Bless America.

Outside of the gymnastic play-by-play announcers — one of which you could tell wanted nothing more than to be elsewhere calling something more manly — the best part of the night came when Bella Karolyi watched Nastasia during her final floor exercise. After seeing his expression, you half expect him to carry Costas off the stage in his arms after this outburst.


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