Saturday, August 30, 2008


Police Chief Jim Corwin and Prosecutor Jim Kanatzar in front of the Mystery Machine

Today's press conference was supposed to prove that the city was working for residents. It was supposed to show how police, politicians and city officials were FINALLY getting their shit together to fight crime after a record 83 people have been murdered.

Instead what we got was the same story that has been told over and over ever since this Police Chief took control of the city.

We are not even going to go into how irritated this city should be that the Mayor continues to push his inept idea of throwing $25,000 parties in ghetto neighborhoods to supposedly "bring attention to their blight." We are not even going to go into how for two hours this week, he accused us of "not getting" his grand vision of redevelopment — oh, I get it, and its terrible.

Instead I want to focus on the plan that was hatched from what I can only assume is the Keystone Cops-style top brass at KCPD.

Already Corwin shafted the city this year when he blundered through the budget process and failed to live up to his promise of hiring new cops.

But today, Corwin completely turned his back on the lowly neighborhoods that put him into power. Flustered by the sudden attention that half a dozen murders in one week can bring, Corwin had to show something to irate residents and unfortunately, even his plan was more of the same.

Corwin has proposed to take cops, who are already overworked and underpaid, and double their duties to help solve the already committed crimes. There was NOTHING mentioned about how to stop these kids from shooting one another. But why think about that when the Mayor has a party to plan next weekend?

Under the Cheif's plan, which he unveiled this morning using murder # 82 and #83 as his backdrop, Corwin will now be asking officers from the property crime unit, vice, SWAT and elsewhere to start picking up duties in the Homicide unit — and he is doing all of this without hiring new cops or offering more pay to those officers.

"We are calling it a reassignment, but we are not reassigning any officers," he said. Um, What?

When asked directly how many officers would be needed to help solve the 83 murders in the city limits - 46 of which have not even been solved - he choked up and seemed confused even to how his own plan would work. He quickly ducked the two reporters and used his spokesman to dig him out of the hole he created.

He then accused reporters of not doing their homework and seemed even quietly blame the press for his own awful performance this morning.

Heat is on now. If those cases don't get closed by the end of the year, then this city will tear itself apart trying to remove Corwin and Funk.

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