Wednesday, August 13, 2008


We promote one Star Columnist for his obvious skill, talent and ability to prove his worth to society and then get this dropped in our laps today from BottomLine: Hearn Christopher wants to be taken seriosuly.

I'll give you a moment to either stop laughing and clean up the little pit of pee that might have escaped in said fit of laughter.

Granted, I find all columnists to be worthless, but HC really takes the cake when it comes to pointless paycheck grabbing at the Old Paragraph Factory. Remember that stunning expose he did on what local bar owners got for Christmas ... oh, you don't? Neither does the rest of the literate America.

In my few run ins with the man, while he was playing journalist at one local bar, I have to say I acted as the utmost of professional drunk as I shouted he was worthless from across the room and then ducked behind the jukebox.

You can hear the drivel that is HC here.

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