Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lolz, Northeast, no internetz for yous

For some reason whole chunks of Northeast Kansas City have been without internet and phone service for the past few days.

AT&T has really fucked us this week as they now tell us it could take a week or more to send someone out to see what the problem is. Anyway, this means my usual blather and diatribes got sidetracked yesterday — and I had some pretty good stuff to share with the slack masses that flock to this cum dumpster of thought.

To wit:
This story is a little late — but let's hope that Olympic gymnast you diddled in Beijing is not. Group hoop anyone?

— The Lego Guy celebrated his 30th Birthday. But what is really cool is Gizmodo's video of the factory that churns out this little yellow bastards.

— I'm still laughing at this — even if it is several months old.

— And finally, everyone who is in my Fantasy Football League are a bunch of no talent ass-hats and fuck-bags. Well, mainly the commissioner...

Yeah, I dare you post a reply here. Let's see what kind of juevos you got now.


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