Friday, August 08, 2008

Pitch Music Showcase

One of these days The Pitch is going to wise up and stop trying to be an alt-news rag. They will eventually just embrace the fact that the only thing they they do really well: Local Music.

The same week they throw a hell of a music showcase they also feature one of the most talented bands still haunting Kansas City, The Pedaljets.

Ah, but this is not about the horrible reign the Village Voice has over the paper. Rather, last night's Pitch Music Showcase proved once again that Kansas City does have a viable music scene that hosts a number of great bands that just need that last push of support from the city to make it. With 34 bands from across Kansas City and Lawrence you have to wonder why we keep getting snubbed by the music industry or why Nebraska seems to keep stealing our thunder.

We started our night at McCoys visiting a friend we knew from Harry's who fronts The Last Call Girls. This country bad has all the twang of a Toby Kieth or Garth Brooks ensemble mixed in with some angry-chick rock.

New country has never really been my thing but these girls write a catchy chorus and match it a hook that makes even me want to sing along — even if the lyrics are about ditching that awful boyfriend for his cheatin' ways.

But my favorite of the night was new group out of Lawrence, Noise FM, which, for being a new band, had an incredible ability to harmonize their vocals and coordinate six instruments among the three guys — two of which are brothers.

Down the street at the Beaumont, the ACBs played for a half-packed house as they ripped through their set that was just shy of a dozen songs. When the crowd started chanting for "One more song," front man Konor Ervin had to bashfully tell everyone there, "We don't have anymore."

Although the 1,000 capacity Beaumont only had about 100 people watching the ACBs, they definitely drew the largest crowd from the entire showcase that we saw — which also included a super-short set from Abacadabra.

For a better take on this rocking Thursday night Showcase (and great photos, too) check out the newly launched Lush Life Kansas City.

ACBs/Johnson (comma) L

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