Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Red Bird Nation gets wind — and Clark finally commits

UPDATE: It took The Star all freaking day to get this... But then again, when you out sourse your news to India, you got to expect some delay in the time difference.

UPDATE: Justin Clark, the second half of the Hardwood Dynamic Duo has committed to Illinois State. Again, no smiles from either new player.

Really, would a smile kill you? This a good thing, right; not a funeral.

The Pantagraph weighs in on the verbal commitment(s). Although most of it is a rehash of stats and what has already been out there in the Star and Examiner.

Oh but don't think that Jon (and Justin) is the only one getting ready. Seems the family is also quite excited — and rightly so.

This one we found on the Schultz Party blog of Jon taking the rock from an early age.

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