Thursday, August 21, 2008

We all have those days.

E-mail advertising is nothing new. how else would I know about how inadequate I was and how massive my debt problem had gotten without being reminded 3 billion times a day by some South African investor looking to unload unclaimed gold.

(The check is in the mail, Shaka Kan, I swear!)

Still, the folks over at Flying Dog Brewery really take the cake each month with their own brand of e-mail blasting, which is less spam, more event calender and art features.

This month's got my attention as it offered one hell of a glimpse into what I believe will be my future self:

From Flying Dog
"Nick remembered everybody’s name who had been to La Cocina at least twice, and we were there at least twice a month. I offered to buy this large painting at every visit, and Nick’s answer was always, “Never.” When Nick retired I tried one more time and the answer was, “I’m giving it to the artist’s granddaughter and you may make a photocopy.” The appeal to me, as it was to anybody else who took a long look was, “Man, I’ve felt exactly like that.” And just what is that feeling of going down to the creek at dusk, alone, and with a bottle of tequila? To take a swig, and another, maybe down to the bottom before returning to whatever awaits one at the end of dusk? My grand daughter pointed at me and said “goo goo,” and so I came to be called. My son said “Send bail,” and the young mother with cancer got the teacher of the year award. And my wife of these many years, she kneels now every day for hours before her shrine to St. Finbarr - yet still there’s pleasure. I grieve that grief can teach me nothing. R.W. Emerson

I'll pour one out for you Flying Dog. It seems like it has been a rough month for you.

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josh mishell said...

The artwork and essay come from Brewery founder George Stranahan.

check out more of his work at: