Wednesday, August 06, 2008

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Melissa Lytle / St. Pete's

In any given day I probably read hundreds of news stories. Today, this one made me stop a bit from my own Google Reader.

Not only is it one of the most brilliantly written pieces, but it also seems to perfectly capture one seven-year-old little girl who does not even get quoted in the whole three part series...

My favorite part...

"The day Danielle was supposed to have her picture taken for the Heart Gallery, she showed up with red Kool-Aid dribbled down her new blouse. She hadn't yet mastered a sippy cup.

Garet White, Danielle's care manager, scrubbed the girl's shirt and washed her face. She brushed Danielle's bangs from her forehead and begged the photographer to please be patient.

White stepped behind the photographer and waved at Danielle. She put her thumbs in her ears and wiggled her hands, stuck out her tongue and rolled her eyes. Danielle didn't even blink.

White was about to give up when she heard a sound she'd never heard from Danielle. The child's eyes were still dull, apparently unseeing. But her mouth was open. She looked like she was trying to laugh.


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