Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Where is my draft notice?

This awesome instructional video comes from the local Kickball Association via TKC and Amnewsboy.

Kickball 101 - Strike Zone from Troy Diggs on Vimeo.

What really chaps my ass here is that KC has had an official adult kick ball association and I am just now getting word. Where were these guys when our lovable band of ballers won the Northeast Kick Ball Tournament?

The Newshounds foisting the tournament trophy

And who was it that we beat in that final game — oh, that's right, FBI Agents from Overland Park. Agents who tired to pick a fight with several out-of-shape journalists and some high school kids. We also put the smack down on officials from the City Council's offices and the Mayor's office that day. Goes to show that even on the kickball field your government will fail you.

WW, its time to get in gear and get hooked up with this WAKA — or maybe I will sit by the telephone awaiting their call.

"Bring in the lefty..."

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